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Cherri Cherri Pow Pow
30 years, pushing 100% Snowboarding!

From the begining Cherri Cherri Pow Pow has been customer based. Back in 1987 the customer had to be created as snowboarding was emerging. It was a time when many people did not believe snowboarding would live.....

Luckily Cherri Cherri Pow Pow believed. What made us believe is we set out understanding the sport. In doing so we could portray our enjoyment to the public so the sport could grow.

This was done by riding! Riding everything we sold. Our motto is that you can't interpret how a product will perfom or suit a particular individual, if you dont know how it performs yourself.

Here in lies the difference between Cherri Cherri Pow Pow and any other snowboard store. If we like a brand, we stock that brand. In our store you will find some of the largest, leading brands in the industry....In our store you will find lesser known brands in the industry.

This is because we have picked the eyes out of the available product, ignoring promotion hype, so the range we present is the best there is.

All products are tried and proven and have the Cherri Cherri Pow Pow stamp of approval. Approval that comes with having staff who are among the best riders in the country and live to snowboard all year round. And that comes from being the longest established 100% snowboard store in the country.

When shopping at Cherri Cherri Pow Pow you can be assured of receiving the best advice available and be offered the best product range available.

We trust you will be inspired to try snowboarding if visiting this site for the first time, or better still come and see us in store. And for our many loyal customers that know our story and heritage, you will be pleased with our constantly updated product range and availability.
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Retail, Rental, Snow Shop

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Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM Sat: 9AM - 4PM Sun: 10AM - 2PM

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Shop 6, Town Centre Kosciuszko Road
Jindabyne 2627

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(02) 6456 1673

Snowy Weather

Location Min Max










Falls Creek






Mt. Buller



Chance of Snow

Below 5% at 1800m

0% at 1400m

0% at 1000m

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