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PSL Snow Report
PSL daily report for Sunday July 24':
Looks like we are in for repeat of yesterday, (oh perfection, woohoo), sunny but partly cloudy with a maximum temperature of 6degC,  with a gorgeous sunrise and plenty of keen snow lovers on the road at 6:30 a.m. I have never seen people tobogganing at 6:30 a.m. but it is happening today !There were reports of the road being closed at Jindabyne yest as Perisher car park filled very very early and even the ski tube car park was full according to people who used it and also the New South Wales highway patrol Facebook page. As Ned Kelly said,   "such is life" and 2022's catchcry from JE Lawrence in 1949,
"It is what it is". No good complaining about it. The bottom line is that a lot of annual lift passes have been sold for not a great deal of money each and a lot of people have missed out for 2 years during the pandemic and want to come to ski and board and enjoy the snow with their families. More people - more drain on resources. Pre-pandemic my 6 a.m. drive for my daughter's ski training was often a lonely affair. Today I'm in a lineup of traffic that is snaking up the hill ahead of me and behind me, but at least it is moving along. The lifts may not open until after 8 am. but there is always a coffee to be found and the cross-country and snowshoe trails are open 24/7 and offer beautiful views. And early morning exercise. Speaking of, there is a cross-country ski race to enter on the day for all levels and ages called the Cooma Open starting at 10am. over 10 km with grooming and track setting overnight.
Have a great day! 

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 Perisher Resort
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 Perisher cross-country Centre:
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Posted on: July 24, 2022, 7:16 am
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