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Doubles Pool Comp every Friday at The Station
Friday Nights - 7:30pm, 18+ years, sponsored by Jack Daniels

There's something very character-building about a pool comp. For two reasons:

(1) Pool is a funny one, in which talent seems to come out of thin-air. I mean, sure you were a novice when you were eleven, but somehow - about your eighteenth birthday - it all comes together and you are able to pull-off the near impossible on a pool table - with graceful and effortless ease (almost like it's somehow residual in your DNA) - to the complete and utter surprise of all around, just as-much as the participant. This of course gives the participant a great lesson in acting, as he or she must play-the-part of someone who has achieved nothing-more than what they had anticipated. And:

(2) It's almost a cliché - but the game of Pool is entirely built around confidence. And whilst we can't delve into the effects of alchohol on a platform such-as this - we CAN say that confidence is an amazing thing. Two types of people fail in a pool game, the under-confident and the over-confident. If you develop your confidence to a perfect level - through pool, skiing, snowboarding, talking to the opposite sex and eventually by playing the Singapore differential market - Then happy-days-are-here-to-stay my friend.

Every Friday

8228 The Snowy River Way
Jindabyne 2627

The Station

Posted on: June 20, 2021, 9:39 am
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