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The Beast to deliver 50-100cm of snow - Snow News
east to take control, 50 to 100cm above 1700m in the next week, around 20cm below 1500m.

Snow will start to fall from Wednesday, but the big snow will accumulate from Friday as the Beast arrives.

A series of low pressure systems will pass over the mountains this week, and while the first few systems will only result in higher elevation snow, starting Friday heavy snow will fall lasting into Sunday.

The weather will deteriorate from Wednesday with strong winds, rain and snow battering the alpine regions. Snow will lower to potentially 800m on Friday. All resorts will welcome the news of impending big snow and this snowfall will certainly set up August for great skiing and snowboarding.

Weather forecast Jane Bunn said "We are in a synoptic lull on Tuesday before the ‘beast’ takes control".

"This will be a big and deep low over the Southern Ocean. But.. the low remains back to our west until Friday. That will push troughs or fronts over the alps on Wednesday and Thursday, but the snowline is raised with that sort of angle. It may still be cold enough for snow above 16-1700m on Wednesday, but only above 1900m on Thursday. Below that it falls as rain."

"Then… it is game on. All models have snow lowering on Friday morning to around 1500m. Snow persists overnight and through Saturday and Sunday, with good falls likely. On Saturday it is cold enough for snow throughout alpine elevations, and possibly as low as 800m.

After a brief break later Sunday into Monday (with a high), the next trough looks weak but has cold air. A bit more snow later Monday and on Tuesday."

Posted on: July 15, 2021, 8:03 am
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Cant wait!

Snowy Weather

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70% at 1800m

20% at 1400m

0% at 1000m

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