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Master Plan Community Meeting - Snowy Mountains Magazine
The meeting was also live streamed on the Jindabyne Action Group Facebook page.

Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce president Olivier Kapetanakos hosted the meeting and presented an overall view of the SAP. Attending guests also asked questions and offered opinions on the topics.

In general the community welcome the investment by the NSW Government, which could invest upwards of $200 million, but depending on what topic was raised, each person had their own views.

The consensus of the meeting, which was mainly centred around the housing aspect of the draft master plan, was that interested residents should read and investigate certain technical studies to understand more information.

The recommended documents to read are listed below the story.

Everyone agreed that the public exhibition date should be extended beyond the August 12 date as there was so much information to read and understand. The date has now been extended to Monday August 23.

When submitting any feedback to the SAP, most people acknowledged that to get the best traction with feedback that you should submit different feedback for different topics.

Example, if you want to submit feedback on housing and transport, that would be 2 separate submissions, not all in one. Note that feedback does not have to be a lengthy document, it can be just your opinion over a few paragraphs. But, the better the feedback, the better understanding the planners will have about our thoughts on the master plan.

On the subject of housing, there has been many concerns about height limits. All through the community feedback for the original Go Jindabyne plan, and then the SAP plan, there has been constant concerns about the height limit being proposed. If this is of concern to you you should submit feedback.

Snowy Mountains Magazine will publish more stories in the coming weeks about more of the concerns the public see with the plan, and the public will be welcome to use any of this information as a guide in their submission feedback. 

Submitting Feedback

Other good advice from the meeting is that it could be very difficult to submit feedback on every single topic.

So pick out the most important few topics that affect you as an individual, and start with those.

Technical Studies

Yes the technical study reports are lengthy, but this is the 40 year future of the town and like one person at the meeting said, Jindabyne as a community need to act and respond to the draft master plan if we want the town to be what the community want going forward. The only way to do that is submit feedback. 
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Posted on: July 22, 2021, 8:49 pm
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