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  • Snowy Monaro await news of COVID-19 cases and lockdown extension. - Snowy Mountains Magazine image
Snowy Monaro await news of COVID-19 cases and lockdown extension. - Snowy Mountains Magazine
The recent COVID-19 case in Cooma on Monday September 6 could well be the difference of the Snowy Monaro coming out of lockdown later this week.

UP until yesterday the region had no positive cases with residents hoping this would see the lockdown lifted for our Local Government Area (LGA). But now this may not eventuate.

The NSW Government will meet tomorrow to discuss what the regional lockdown scenario will look like. Areas that have had no cases could be lifted as the Deputy Premier John Barilaro suggested today. The decision should be made public on Thursday.

But he hardly sounded as confident when commenting on the Snowy Monaro, particularly as the positive case has exposure in the community.

“It's a case and there's been community exposure so that's going to work against the Cooma Monaro area,” said Mr Barilaro in reference to the lockdown decision.

There was an indication that there were more exposure sites, but Mr Barilaro said health does not disclose sites where everyone has been accounted for and contacted directly. They would be classed as non exposure sites to the public.

“I'm comfortable that the exposure sites that have been identified, are the exposure sites of concern, and they’re the ones that were in the public. Good to see no extra cases today out of Cooma. And at this stage we're hopeful that that's all there is.”

Mr Barilaro did not name the other non public sites, but realistically there could be multiple people already self-isolating in Cooma who were exposed to this person. Plus whoever the health department will find in the coming days through their contact tracing of the two public exposure sites.

On the Southern NSW Health District Facebook page today they stated.

"There is some concern about venues in Cooma and Goulburn that were not listed as venues of concern. NSW Health only lists venues of concern if there is a chance that a member of the public came in to contact with a person who was infectious with COVID-19. Closed workplaces, for example, are often not listed as our public health team has already contacted all close or casual contacts early in the investigation," said Southern NSW Health District.

Further commenting on what the parameters will be around lockdowns being lifted, Mr Barilaro said he would need to see how low the benchmark would be set by the health department when they discuss who comes out of lockdown and who stays in lockdown.

"Health will say wherever there’s been a public exposure, where there have been infectious people in the community, and we haven't gone past the 14 day incubation period, then they would argue that the risk continues and that's probably a fair assessment. Health surprises me, we'll see what happens tomorrow."

The Snowy Monaro community will now await both the future lockdown verdict plus to see if any new positive cases emerge from this exposure.
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Posted on: September 7, 2021, 6:57 pm
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