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  • Businesses to reopen for 70 per cent - Snowy Mountains Magazine image
Businesses to reopen for 70 per cent - Snowy Mountains Magazine
On Monday businesses across NSW will reopen their doors as the state emerges from lockdown.

THE business community has been devastated, not just here in the Snowy Mountains region, but across NSW and Australia. Some areas have endured more lockdown time than others, but now we must look forward for what tomorrow brings….

Everyone has their own personal views on the COVID-19 situation, but one common theme that has led us to reopening is vaccinations reaching the target of 70 per cent. The next stage of 80 per cent leads to more relaxing of restrictions and further afield the December 1 proposed date allows more of returning to what we previously considered a normal life.

The more people that are vaccinated the safer each community will be, that has been the clear message from the Australian and NSW Governments for months now.

Depending on the views of each business owner, some will fully reopen tomorrow and others will slowly ease back into their routine.

No matter what town you live in, what business you may visit in coming weeks, or who you may encounter in the streets on your travels, it is more important than ever to leave the increased social media angst of recent months clearly in the rear vision mirror. Look ahead, not back and more so be kind to your community and fellow residents.

Staff at venues will be asked to approve your entry to their establishment via a set of new rules that have been set by the NSW Government. As a community and individuals, surely we can abide by those directions, especially if the response is not you wanted to hear.

Many people will have ongoing concerns about the virus no matter where they live, and that is entirely understandable. Those concerns may well last for a longer period or until more normality returns. The health department will still issue updates and keep us informed of venues and covid numbers, so you can track your town's situation. 

Each person needs to make their own decision on where they will visit and limit their movements accordingly if they wish to avoid extra contact with the public. Basically, stay home if you have extra concerns until the time is right for you. For those venturing out, please abide by the rules if not for your own safety, but your neighbours and communities saftey. 

The NSW Government have made their position clear for months now, vaccinations are the way forward to protect people as best they can. Our local vaccination rate is on the increase and hopefully it stays on that upward trend until everyone is vaccinated who wants to be.

Yes, more people with contract the virus. Some will endure more sickness than others or even worse. But the health department and government officials have been preaching this message for months. It is a fact of life now and no surprise. 

In a perfect world towns would reopen with no covid cases and start from scratch, but that wont be the case for many.

Going forward you need to be responsible for your own actions and please resist on being so hasty as to criticise everything and everyone that does not align with your opinions.

It will be a welcome change to actually greet people in person and most important, just be kind and respectful to other people……

Stay safe everyone…………..
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Posted on: October 11, 2021, 6:45 pm
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