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  • Out The Back of Beyond: Skiing the Roof of Victoria | Mountainwatch image
Out The Back of Beyond: Skiing the Roof of Victoria | Mountainwatch
Without a shadow of doubt the last 18 months has been trying for our outdoor communities and society as a whole.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has severely impacted life as we knew it.  Perhaps a life that was taken for granted but never will be again. Lockdown, out of lockdown, back in lockdown and then out of lockdown.

A revolving cycle of uncertainty has ensued, mixed with frustration and glimpses of hope. For those with a passion for outdoors, the best laid plans have been made, postponed, cancelled and then re-made to fit with the current health guidelines.

Winter in the Australian backcountry didn’t escape the chaos and unpredictability of the virus. National Park Closures and five-kilometre exercise bubbles were in place for large portions of the season.  From my kitchen window at Hotham, I look straight out to Mt Feathertop’s East Face with Mt Bogong not far off to the North-East. For much of winter it was a case of look but don’t touch.

Fortunately come early September restrictions eased for most of Regional Victoria, National Parks were open and access permitted.  Together with Simon Murray from Mountain Safety Collective (MSC) and good friend and photographer Dylan Robinson we set out to explore the Roof of Victoria by visiting Mt Feathertop and the state’s highest alpine peak Mt. Bogong.
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Posted on: October 16, 2021, 7:27 am
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